throughout the house, office, industry, or city via the Internet.

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    via LoRaWAN, NBIoT, and gateways.

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    by processing the data using the IoT platform.

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  • As a FULL-STACK provider,

    we cover all the essential performance elements for scalable, safe, and reliable IoT solutions.

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Who We Are?

Niotex Specializes in Digital Transformation

We provide services in IT engineering consultancy and business solutions in

  • Big Data & AI Services
  • Business Intelligence Services
  • Data Integration & Automation
  • Business Process Management & Enterprise Content Management

What We Do?

We have leveraged the growing consumer market. With our technical expertise, we provide Enterprise Solutions, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Enterprise Dashboards, Business Intelligence Software, iOS & Android Mobile App development services, and a wide range of Internet of things (IoT) services and products.

Niotex applies smartification to a full range of Internet of Things (IoT) products and services from energy consumption monitoring and optimization to smart parking spaces to water quality testing for personal, industrial, or agricultural use.

Business Solutions


Business Intelligence

With our advanced BI expertise, we transform big amounts of unstructured data into customizable reports enhanced with interactive dashboards for desktop and mobile. All solutions are supported by scalable back-ends to withstand a high load.


Business Automation

We are your consultant and partner in your ECM project with years of experience in analyzing the requirements of organizations and developing applications to meet their business needs.



Data is valuable. Collect and analyze all the data from connected devices (e.g. sensors), people, and places (e.g. agricultural spaces, water resorts, and points of sale) to deliver functional insights in an industrial environment, so you can optimize production and minimize uncertainty by the insight you seamlessly gain.

iot home smart niotex

Smart Buildings

Connection of devices in houses and apartments is happening to make living more easily and home automation possible. Customers of the building industry or construction companies expect networked solutions to increase energy efficiency to smartly optimize power consumption through heating, air conditioning, and electricity, so their clients can save energy, time, and money.

fleet iot logistics niotex


When the trucks are on their way to deliver products, they can be damaged. The IoT technology enables the trucks to communicate with the dispatcher and report the damage at the very moment it occurs via a platform. This way, the dispacher would be ready and a team would be prepared to repair the vehicle in the least time possible.

Energy Management

Recording and monitoring energy transition let you leverage your insight over your own consumption. This also means the possibility of new business models for companies in the energy industry. In this way, offers for the transparent overview of consumption and costs can be used for customer loyalty. These services also create new revenue potential.

niotex smart city iot

Smart Cities

Soon, the substantial growth in the number of devices we use is estimated to rise to 25 billion. Imagine connecting all these devices and utilizing the insight. Using the IoT technology, you can integrate a large amount of data in a vast area and scale to billions of devices creating smart cities, cars, parking spaces, etc. that make saving time and energy possible.


iot software niotex

IoT Platforms

The easiest and quickest way to get started with IoT development is by using one of the many available IoT platforms. Most importantly, the most suited IoT platforms for your type of business allow you to customize them and add your own industry-specific components and third-party applications. Our experts will provide you with the IoT platform that suits your business best.

IOT Hardware Niotex

IoT Gateway

The device gateway is the central component of the system and provides device connectivity, protocol translation, data filtering and processing, security, updating, management and more. It is the data ingestion layer for the product. MQTT, HTTP, and other protocols can be used for this purpose but the key point about device gateway is that it’s not protocol specific and this opens room for more innovation.

sensors iot niotex

IoT Sensors

Industries and organizations have long been using different kinds of sensors, but the concept of IoT has taken the role of sensors and their evolution to a whole new level. With the advent of the IoT world, sensors have found a pivotal role in monitoring our health status (e.g. a heartbeat), air and water quality, home security, and are widely used in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to monitor production processes.

automation webapp

Web App Development

Web Apps are intended for user interactions and performing actual business functions. At Niotex we help you deliver the desired rich user experience to your company and your clients.

App development

Mobile App Development

With our technical expertise and global delivery models, we provide robust and efficient enterprise solutions, iOS & Android mobile apps development services, and Enterprise Content Management solutions.